Sunday, April 19, 2009

On to Project #2!!!

I am nearly finished with the felted bag! During my session at the knitting store, I sewed up the bottom of the bag. Not sure exactly how the yarn was connected to the needles but sewing it up was quite straight-forward. (I had to buy some needles to do this.) Next, I started to make the handles for the bag. This is done by making an I-Cord. ( had to purchase double-pointed needles to do this. It was very awkward at first since the needles were not connected. I dropped them quite a few times! I started the handles during the session and finished them at home.

While I was in the session, I started my second project...a baby blanket! Not exactly sure why I started a baby blanket since my "baby" is almost 2! But I picked out a very nice yarn that is really soft and has soft shades of blue, pink and green. I needed a smaller size of circular needles since my stitches are a bit loose. For this blanket, I still use the continental method but I am adding a new technique - a yarn over. This makes a small hole in the blanket that will add some character. I knit two, then do the yarn over, then continue. When I finish the row, I flip over the needles, and repeat. It is not that hard but I do have to remember the yarn over part! I am starting at the corner of the blanket and am working outwards. I will do this for 4 skeins and then I will decrease and heads towards the other corner. Hope it continues to go well and I complete the adorable blanket!

After I bought all the new needles and the yarn, my little baby blanket project cost over $60! This is definitely not an inexpensive hobby!

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