Sunday, April 19, 2009

On to Project #2!!!

I am nearly finished with the felted bag! During my session at the knitting store, I sewed up the bottom of the bag. Not sure exactly how the yarn was connected to the needles but sewing it up was quite straight-forward. (I had to buy some needles to do this.) Next, I started to make the handles for the bag. This is done by making an I-Cord. ( had to purchase double-pointed needles to do this. It was very awkward at first since the needles were not connected. I dropped them quite a few times! I started the handles during the session and finished them at home.

While I was in the session, I started my second project...a baby blanket! Not exactly sure why I started a baby blanket since my "baby" is almost 2! But I picked out a very nice yarn that is really soft and has soft shades of blue, pink and green. I needed a smaller size of circular needles since my stitches are a bit loose. For this blanket, I still use the continental method but I am adding a new technique - a yarn over. This makes a small hole in the blanket that will add some character. I knit two, then do the yarn over, then continue. When I finish the row, I flip over the needles, and repeat. It is not that hard but I do have to remember the yarn over part! I am starting at the corner of the blanket and am working outwards. I will do this for 4 skeins and then I will decrease and heads towards the other corner. Hope it continues to go well and I complete the adorable blanket!

After I bought all the new needles and the yarn, my little baby blanket project cost over $60! This is definitely not an inexpensive hobby!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I started knitting 3 weeks ago. I have wanted to take knitting classes for quite some time and I finally started! I have read numerous books where the characters knit and they have so much fun :) Debbie Macomber has the Blossom Street books and Maggie Sefton has a murder mystery series.

My first project is a felted bag. I have picked up some tips for first-time knitters...

1. A felted bag will hide any flaws that you have made. You wash the bag and the yarn "felts" and blurs together. This is very helpful since my stitches are uneven!

2. Using a multi-colored yarn (where one color blends into another color)enables you to quickly notice any dropped stitches. For instance, when a red stitch is laying on a yellow stitch, you know something bad happened!

3. Using circular needles keep the needles in place so they don't fall on the ground.

4. A continental knit stitch is apparently a lot quicker and you notice progress faster. I am not sure what the English style involves but I probably have to learn that at some point.

5. There are a variety of methods to "cast on." I have only learned one so far and I don't really remember how to do it!

6. If you are taking knitting lessons, rather than sit for 2 hours working on one project (like my felted bag) start another project with new techniques. I can sit at home and work on the bag so in class I should utilize the instructor. This gets you more bang for the buck.